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You’ll generally find ground squirrels in open areas, although they sometimes use available cover. Remove brush piles and debris to make an area less desirable. This also aids in detecting squirrels and their burrows and improves access during control operations.

Keep fallen fruit and nuts picked up and keep areas under trees cleared of debris.

Monitor and keep areas under bird feeders clear of seeds and use devices that protect them from ground squirrels.

Many predators, including hawks, eagles, rattlesnakes, and coyotes, eat ground squirrels. In most cases, predators aren’t able to keep ground squirrel populations below the level at which they become pests for the home gardener. Dogs might prevent squirrels from entering small areas, but they can’t control established squirrel populations.

For those who live next to wild lands or other areas where squirrels are common, an ongoing control program will be necessary, since squirrels will reinvade over time. Once you have controlled ground squirrels, periodically monitor the area for re-infestation. Check for new burrows, and start control actions as soon as you notice new arrivals. It is easier and less expensive to control a small population.

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